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About item Comment

  • このフォーラムに新しいトピックを立てることはできません
  • このフォーラムではゲスト投稿が禁止されています


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dhb010    投稿数: 3
"Comment settings for the item.
This function depends on d3forum module. You have to install d3forum module and create forum before setting these options"
I have install the "d3form",but I can't use this function.
I don't know how to Set the directory name of d3forum used by comment function,and how to Set the forum ID made with d3forum.Can any one help me?
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nijcadmin    投稿数: 29
Thank you for question.

I answer your question.

"Directory setting" the directory which you installed D3forum in is displayed by a pull-down menu.

"Forum ID setting" when you make a D3forum's forum, you input a displayed number into the URL of the browser.
In this case you should input 1.

And you should two settings besides the setting by the item comment.

1.Modify the last line of "xoonips_detail.html" by using the template editing function of altsys module.
Delete <*{3 letters and the last 3 letters}*>

2.Enter the line below at the "Format for comment-integration" field (your create forum>>Forum Manager).

Then comments can be added to an item on its "Detail" screen.
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dhb010    投稿数: 3
Thanks for your replay
But I still can't find the "Detail" screen.
The last line of my "xooinps_detail.html" is "<{* <{d3forum_comment dirname=$dir_name forum_id=$forum_id itemname=item_id subject=$title}> *}>" I have change it to the <{*dirname=$dir_name forum_id=$forum_id itemname=item_id *}>". Is it right? And my "xoops_url" is
"http://localhost/xoops". And I wright the "Format for comment-integration" to "http://localhost/xoops/modules/xoonips/detail.php?item_id=%s". Is it wright?
Thank you very much.
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nijcadmin    投稿数: 29
Thank you for your inquiry again.

To activate the comment function, you have to delete strings "<{*" and "*}>" from the final row.
Since we've found a minor bug in the variable name of the argument "subject", please change "$title" to "$xoops_pagetitle" so as to function well.
Thus, the final row should be:

<{d3forum_comment dirname=$dir_name forum_id=$forum_id itemname=item_id subject=$xoops_pagetitle}>

With regard to "Format for comment-integration", it will be
automatically replaced with your site URL when you use "{XOOPS_URL}".
Please write the following row:

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質問 Re: About item Comment

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dhb010    投稿数: 3
Thank you very much.I have activated the comment function successfully with your help.By the way,the moudle of "altsys" can't work with "xoops2.3.X" .
Thanks again.
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