Chapter 2. Start guide

Before going on to the further chapters, learn the following five user's authorities on XooNIps (1.User's authority). Then, find which chapter you would start with the following chart (2.Navigator).

1. User's authority

Guest Unregistered (Anonymous) users, not given user accounts, are allowed to:
  • Browse and retrieve the data.

Registared User Registered users, given log-in IDs and passwords, are allowed:
  • to search and browse the items registered in public, private and group shared areas

  • to register items in the private area assigned only to a registered user

  • to share items in the domain assigned only to a designated group

Group Administrator A special user who is responsible for the group domain management. The tasks are to:
  • Manage the membership of his/her domain group

  • Edit the index in shared domains

  • Approve or reject items to share in his/her group domain

*Moderator(webmaster) A special user who is responsible for quality control of the registered items and users, including to do:
  • Approve a new user account

  • Edit Index Tree in the public domain

  • Create a new researcher group

  • Watch the site access logs

  • Approve or reject the items to open in the public domain

*System Administrator The commander of the site administration.
  • Decide and configure the site policies on the database site

  • Elicit the collection of metadata from external databases

  • Import data with metadata from a local computer to the site; export items from the site to a local computer.

*XooNIps is a module of XOOPS. If you will perform as a Moderator/System administrator, please be prepared with the basic knowledge of XOOPS (This manual does not cover the basic information on XOOPS; please refer to guide books).

2. Navigator

Please read this chapter... ...if you...
Chapter 3: Installation of XooNIps

If you are going to build a database website.

*Knowledge of XOOPS is a MUST.

**Knowledge of Linux/Unix is a MUST.

Chapter 4: Site policy and maintenance

If you are going to be the Moderator for a brand-new XooNIps database website.

*Knowledge of XOOPS is a MUST.

Chapter 5: How to operate a XooNIps database website

If you are going to access to/work on an existing XooNIps database site as a:

5.1. Guest

5.2. Registered guest

5.3. Group administrator

5.4. Moderator

5.5. System administrator


Links of neuroinformatics related organizations,

XooNIps database websites,

and XooNIps based repository systems.

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